Yihui Wang, JDPE Student

5500 Campanile Dr, PS248, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, 92182

ywang@mail.gmail.com; emi.wangyihui@gmail.com


Research Thesis: Mutiple-Scale Modeling Methane Cycling from a Microbial Perspective

Carbon dynamics and nutrient cycling in terrestrial ecosystem, Ecosystem processes and ecological modeling,

Climate change and soil science


M.S. in Natural Resource, Beijing Normal University, Beijing                                                           June 2015 Graduation thesis: Litter decomposition and its influencing factors under different land uses in the temperate grassland of Inner Mongolia

B.S. in Geographic Information System, Shandong Agricultural University, Shandong                   July 2012



  • Ecosystem service changes and regional ecological security in the typical temperate grassland of Inner Mongolia (The National Natural Science Foundation of China) 2012 – May 2015 Research assistant. Investigating the effects of land use, litter types, precipitation and soil properties on litter production and decomposition processes. Setting the experiments, such as the litterbags experiment and ingrowth core experiment, to determine litter decomposition rates and litter production, and measuring soil microbial biomass carbon, total carbon and lignin of the litters, etc.
  • Suitable area selection for artificial grassland and stable planting technology in the typical grassland of Inner Mongolia (The National Science and Technology Support Plan) 2012 – Jul.2014 Participant. Studying the efforts of irrigation and sowing methods on the characteristics of plant community, plant eco-physiological traits and soil properties, so as to find the reasonable way to plant high quality forage. Investigating the above-ground plant biomass and root biomass, soil moisture transpiration, and determining ecosystem gas exchange by using an infrared gas analyzer LI-6400 and assimilation chamber, and leaf area index by using a plant canopy analyzer LAI-2000.
  • Dominant plant species response and adaptation to grazing in the temperate grassland of Inner Mongolia (The National Natural Science Foundation of China) 2015 – Feb.2015 Participant. Preparing the materials for application, organizing the experiment methods and designing the technology roadmap in the application form.
  • Regulatory mechanism and pathway of natural grassland productivity (The project of National Basic Research Program of China) May 2014 – 2014

     Field Survey Team Leader. Researching plant eco-physiological traits and the enzyme system of dominant species response to grazing intensity and grazing patterns. Making the experiment plan, schedule and task allocation, and determining the plant photosynthetic CO2-response curve and photosynthetic light-response curve by using an infrared gas analyzer LI-6400.

  • Eco-physiological characteristics of Radix bupleuri adaption to the environment (The Beijing Area Major Laboratory of Protection and Utilization of Traditional Chinese Medicine) May 2014 – 2014 Field Survey Team Leader. Investigating the effects of environmental condition along an elevation gradient on eco-physiological characteristics and drug properties of Radix bupleuri. Measuring the plant photosynthesis by using an infrared analyzer LI-6400 and determining the specific leaf area, vegetation height, species abundance.
  • Carbon and nitrogen cycling mechanism and storage function in the typical temperate grassland of Inner Mongolia (the National Natural Science Foundation of China) 2014 – Sep.2014 Field Survey Team Leader. Studying the effects of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization on nutrient dynamics of grassland vegetation and the ecosystem carbon and nitrogen cycling. Measuring the soil CO2 flux by using an automated soil CO2 flux system LI-8100, and correcting the concluding report.
  • The spatial-temporal changes of modern desertification in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (the National Basic Research Program of China) 2014-Aug.2014     Participant. Doing the plant community survey and identify the plant species.
  • Experimental environment construction for resource efficient utilization and protection technology basic course teaching (the Laboratory Construction Program) 2012 – Jun.2015 Lab Assistant. Searching information about professional instruments according to the needs of experimental courses, filling application forms for purchase, completing the laboratory property registration, and managing the laboratory.
  • Design and implementation of the typical campus plant spectrum database system based on ArcEngine (Shandong Agricultural University Students Research Training) 2009 – Jun.2011 Participant. Collecting and organizing the plant spectrum data, and creating the graphs.


  1. Yihui Wang, Jirui Gong, Min Liu, Qinpu Luo, Sha Xu, Yan Pan, Zhanwei Zhai. Effects of land use and precipitation on above- and below-ground litter decomposition in a semi-arid temperate steppe in Inner Mongolia, China. Applied Soil Ecology, 2015, 96, 183-191.
  2. Yihui Wang, Jirui Gong, Min Liu, Yongmei Huang, Xin Yan, Ziyu Zhang, Sha Xu, Qinpu Luo. Effects of grassland-use on soil respiration and litter decomposition. Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology, 2015, 39(3), 239-248. (in Chinese with English abstract)
  3. Jirui Gong, Yihui Wang, Min Liu, Yongmei Huang, Xin Yan, Ziyu Zhang, Wei Zhang. Effects of land use on soil respiration in the temperate steppe of Inner Mongolia, China. Soil and Tillage Research, 2014, 144, 20-31.
  4. Jirui Gong, Sha Xu, Yihui Wang, Qinpu Luo, Min Liu, Wei Zhang. Effect of irrigation on the soil respiration of constructed grasslands in Inner Mongolia, China. Plant and Soil, 2015, 395(1-2), 159-172.
  5. Min Liu, Jirui Gong, Ziyu Zhang, Yihui Wang. Progress in drought resistance and cold tolerance of artificial pastures in northern arid areas. Journal of Northwest A&F University, 2015, 43(3), 56-62. (in Chinese with English abstract)
  6. Sha Xu, Jirui Gong, Ziyu Zhang, Min Liu, Yihui Wang, Qinpu Luo. The ecological stoichiometry of dominant species in different land uses types of grassland. Acta Prataculturae Sinica, 2014, 23(6), 45-53. (in Chinese with English abstract)
  7. Min Liu, Jirui Gong, Yihui Wang, Ziyu Zhang, Sha Xu, Qinpu Luo. Effects of legume- grass mixture on forage field and quality in artificial grassland. Arid Zone Research,(in Chinese with English abstract) (Accepted).
  8. Ziyu Zhang, Jirui Gong, Min Liu, Yongmei Huang, Xin Yan, Yu Qi, Yihui Wang. Dominant species and ecosystem gas exchange in temperate grassland under different land use patterns. Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology, 2013, 37(8), 530-541. (in Chinese with English abstract)


Academic master’s first-class scholarship, 1600USD, BNU, Beijing 2014
Outstanding students first-class scholarship, SDAU, Shandong 2010, 2011
Outstanding students third-class scholarship, SDAU, Shandong 2009
Excellent graduates, SDAU, Shandong 2012
Excellent student leader, SDAU, Shandong 2009, 2010, 2011

PROFESSIONAL SERVICE                                                                                                                             

Research assistant of Dr. Gong’s Lab, BNU, Beijing                                                          Sep. 2012 – Jun. 2015 Teaching assistant for plant resources experiment course, BNU, Beijing                                                                                     Feb. – Jul. 2013, 2014 Lab assistant of Undergraduate Laboratory, BNU, Beijing                                                                                                                    Sep. 2012 – Jun. 2015


University Student Class Leader, SDAU, Shandong 2008 – 2012
Assistant Head Teacher for freshman class, SDAU, Shandong 2010 – 2011
Minister of “3S”(GIS, RS, GPS) Club, SDAU, Shandong 2009 – 2010
Vice-chairman of College Student Union(North Campus), SDAU, Shandong 2008 – 2009